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OK, back to becoming a Michigan driver: we went back home so I could call my New Jersey insurance company and find out if they'll cover me as a Michgander. They wouldn't, and arranged to cancel my policy with the note that if I ever move back to New Jersey or Pennsylvania they'd be glad to have me back (and, were I to, I'd be glad to have them back). I was also extremely careful to make sure they knew not under any circumstances to cancel my father's policy, since we share the same name and the same billing address. They understood and, to show you what a good company they are, they didn't screw up the cancellation.

But I did need to get insurance for my car still, and the obvious way was to add my car to bunny_hugger's insurance, even if she has got a policy from one of those mainstream popular insurance agents. She talked with her insurers to find coverage that got to about what I had, although the new policy would be incredibly cheap in comparison. This is because my daily commute has now become zero (0) miles, and the car's considered to be driven only for ``pleasure'', even if it is for stuff like shopping where my enjoyment of the trip or destination doesn't factor into it, and with those circumstances and driving under 7,000 miles a year I believe the insurance company owes us money for being covered at all. Better, they e-mailed us a provisional letter of coverage good for going back to the Secretary of State to get registration done.

A minor question about car registration would be whether I'd chip in an extra ten dollars or so for funding the state parks, in exchange for which my car would get discounted parking. I'm up for that. I admit to having under-used New Jersey's state parks, unless you count the Cheesequake Service Plaza on the Turnpike, but I figured the state needs the help and I can afford it, plus parks are good spots for letterboxing. The woman at the desk was extremely enthusiastic about our visiting the (Something) Park not far out of town, and sure enough, we ... haven't been there yet.

Trivia: 70 percent of candy production during World War II went to soldiers' rations. Source: The Emperors of Chocolate: Inside the Secret World of Hershey and Mars, Joël Glenn Brenner.

Currently Reading: The Enchanter Reborn, L Sprague de Camp, Christopher Stasheff.


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