austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

Well, it's my birthday too, yeah

In other business, I had a birthday recently. Maybe not so recently since I'm falling behind real-time here, but, recently compared to the scale of my life. This was the first birthday I've gotten to spend with bunny_hugger --- or, come to it, with anyone besides my parents in a long while. bunny_hugger worried that I don't feel special and fussed over with so little attention in past years, but I'd never felt un-special.

For the day, though, I got a pack of well wishes from family and friends and for that matter a couple people at work who somehow only last year found out when my birthday was. (Not the boss, but the secretary at least.) And then bunny_hugger's parents came over for a visit, and to open presents, and to have a meal and some cake. The presents were the right sorts of things for me --- a book I'd wanted to read from skylerbunny, a Rifftrax DVD, a DVD set of George Melies's pictures, a hand puppet --- and also an array of cards from my family, old and new.

For dinner we went to a Thai restaurant, balancing my desire to eat somewhere we haven't been before --- we haven't eaten out nearly so often as we did when I was merely visiting the area --- and my father-in-law's desire to not eat anyplace too weird. This was a restaurant near the university, and really quite good. You know a restaurant's working out well when you're picking what you might have next time before you're done ordering for this time.

As birthday celebrations go, this doesn't compare in population or in activity level to the time when I was about ten or so and all the neighborhood kids came over and we built birdhouses, but, to face the prospect of being as old as Popeye this wasn't a bad one.

Trivia: Peter Van de Kamp made observations of Barnard's Star from 1937 through 1963 before announcing the discovery of a planet about one and a half times the mass of Jupiter orbiting it every 24 years (later revised to every 12 years). Van de Kamp would continue making observations through 1975 to shore it up. (The discovery is today regarded as erroneous.) Source: The Quest For Alien Planets: Exploring Worlds Outside The Solar System, Paul Halpern.

Currently Reading: Rising Sun Victorious: An Alternate History Of The Pacific War, Editor Paul E Tsouras. Actually, many alternate histories of the Pacific War, showing different ways in which the war might have developed, for a while at least, more necessarily to Japan's advantage.


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