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You better watch out

An eternally fascinating store and a great one to buy gifts at is Action City, a Japanese kitsch store in Plaza Singapura. Need crude, blocky icons of Tony the Tiger? Solar-powered head-bobbing penguins? Speed Racer matchbox cars? Cheap Vostok toys? Transformers posters? Dolls based around any number of explosion-heavy plotless movies and anime? They got it.

Their mascot is a scowling teddy bear who wears a Kevlar vest and a gas mask.

For Christmas they added posters of Combat Teddy with boots and a stocking cap. It's the sort of thing you'd expect to find in a satire. Who knew Mister Paw-Paw was a tactical genius? The shopping bags feature the ordinary Combat Teddy, although at the bottom they repeat the store logo and have a gas-mask-wearing commando holding an (un-suited) teddy bear.

Trivia: The term ``feudalism'' was coined in the 19th century. Source: The History Today Companion to British History, Juliet Gardiner and Neil Wenborn.

Currently Reading: In Search of Wonder, Damon Knight. This is a collection of essays I re-read about every year; it's wonderful dipping into a big picture of the science fiction of the 1950s.


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