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You better not howl, you better not moan

We had originally had thoughts of getting to the Breakers Hotel just as it opened for the weekend, but we weren't able to. We were primed for catastrophe, after being there Columbus Day weekend last year, and imagined lines reaching through to November. But it wasn't nearly that bad; we spent barely enough time in line waiting to check in to look around and appreciate all the decorations --- cobwebs and mannequins and giant spiders and bats hung from the ceiling and rubber rats in the corners, and all --- including the dinosaur poised outside the hotel's Perkins restaurant, and consider how tired the lobby staff must get of the Halloween Soundtrack and It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown playing in the corner.

Our room this year was in the older parts of the hotel, so we had good excuse to go looking around the early 20th century portions and the stained glass windows and all that. We had a great view of the lake, which did unfortunately mean we couldn't see any roller coasters from our room. But we were able to see the swimming pool, and saw that there were people swimming just about every time we looked outside. It wasn't freezing cold yet, no, but it was still surprisingly cool for that, by our standards.

One advantage of staying at the hotels run by Cedar Point is early admission: getting in an hour before the park opens to the general public, and this gave us the chance to grab rides on Maverick and Millennium Force, two of the biggest crowd-attractors. Off of Maverick, as the sun worked on setting, a woman pointed out that we could get some great photographs of the lake from the exit path. She was right, though bunny_hugger pointed out that I almost certainly had similar shots from previous times we'd been there. She's right, although this was chance to try out the new camera with them.

Millennium Force, by the way, gave us some modest new thrills because the dinosaur animatronics path was built more or less underneath it. So while we had the pleasantly smooth, speedy ride to enjoy, we also had tyrannosaurus rexes (reges?) to wave down to.

Trivia: Samuel Morse failed to secure patents for the telegraph during his 1838-39 expedition in any European country except France, whose state-run telegraph company paid no royalties. Source: The Victorian Internet, Tom Standage.

Currently Reading: Pendulum, A E Van Vogt. I can't express how very much I hoped to run across a story about future perfect society trying to examine why some very similar personality types became science fiction writers while others became rapists.

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