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Who deserves tricks and who deserves treats

One of the sights we wanted to see at Cedar Point was a former sight: what could we make out of Disaster Transport and Space Spiral's location? We'd gone to it on Friday, after sunset, and found plywood walls high enough we couldn't see anything meaningful past it. We could see, by the bathrooms, through an opening just enough to confirm there was a pit in the spiral's old location. That was it.

Saturday during the day we had a better view, since, you know, daylight and all that. The first discovery was that Transport Refreshments still stood: the strip of food and drink stands, including one of the cheese-on-a-stick vendors, was still around. They even still had the Transport Refreshments sign on top. And I was able to spot they'd put plywood up in front of the fudge stand. This was exciting to us as it suggested they were trying to minimize accidental damage to the Transport Refreshments stands. They might conceivably be around next season. Or at least the fudge stand might be.

Riding Troika, an octopus-type ride with rising and lowering cars, gave us the chance to look over the high fence. At least at that point, there were plywood sheets up over all the windows for the Transport Refreshments row, and the signs were still in place. Surely if they wanted to demolish them in favor of the new roller coaster they'd have been knocked down already, right? Even if they were only scheduled for demolition, why bother protecting the fronts this way?

We later got glimpses from higher up, but more fleetingly, from riding maXair --- it was only fair to see what Skyhawk's rivals were up to --- and if we'd thought of it might have gotten a lingering higher view from the Ferris Wheel. Another alternative might have been the giant elevated swing, WindSeeker, which nominally takes the ``giant tower'' role in Cedar Point's skyline the missing Space Spiral used to have. But it wasn't running, and we didn't think about that fact then.

Trivia: By 1890 state-chartered banks held 57 percent of all commercial bank deposits in the United States. Source: The Panic Of 1907: Lessons Learned From The Market's Perfect Storm, Robert F Bruner, Sean D Carr.

Currently Reading: A Time Of Changes, Robert Silverberg.

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