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On Sunday we hadn't had plans to go back into the park, since we had spent the day and a half there already and needed to go home. More importantly, we had the Merry-Go-Round Museum in Sandusky to take in too. We did take breakfast at the Breakers hotel restaurant, a Perkins, which mixed the Halloween decorations --- someone waiting for a table beside us posed for photos with the ``creepy grandma'' mannequin's hand on his knee --- with the ordinary ones, such as the dinosaur posed outside the front door. We lingered, as we are wont to do, and we weren't quite the last people in the restaurant (it had a noon closing time), but we were close.

I've sometimes joked that I have an ant's ability to return to places I've been, but this time was one that came creepily close. We had bunny_hugger's satellite navigator to rely on, and the path was not actually that complicated --- I must thank Thomas Jefferson for seeing to it that all midwestern streets are neat square grids with a few diagonals --- but we found our way with uncanny ease. The day was beautiful, sunny and warm, and we got into the museum just as a tour group was starting.

There was only one person working the museum, so she had to take our money for tickets in a break of her opening spiel, which was somewhat familiar to me from my visit last year and much more familiar to bunny_hugger from her many visits. We failed to look up what this year's special-exhibition theme was, trusting that we'd be surprised when we got to the museum, but we couldn't figure out what it was on the scene either. There wasn't a prominent or obvious rotating exhibit.

They did have a brass ring dispenser, though, allowing me to see that it's much smaller and probably more dangerous than I had imagined or gotten a sense of from cartoons (where the most prominent I recall is a Betty Boop cartoon where Grampy makes her apartment block into an amusement park, with doughnuts for brass rings). bunny_hugger looked sadly over the list of Still Operating Brass Ring Carousels to tell me that many of them she knew were not still operating that way.

They also had the exciting news that they were losing some of their horses, from Euclid Beach Park in Cleveland, as the city's finally got a new carousel house ready for it. It's not as good as having a new amusement park, but that is the happy way for the Merry-Go-Round museum to lose its artifacts.

We spent long enough wandering around the museum, and the gift shop, that the next tour group started, and this meant that when we found some items to buy we had to wait for a pause in the tour spiel. The major thing I bought was one of those Vintage America books featuring an old Ohio amusement park, mostly on the strength of one photograph which showed where a bomb had torn up part of the ballroom, and failed to explain the context of the 1940 act of terrorism. The park was one bunny_hugger knew, since it was discovered, abandoned, and explored on a web site that made it famous enough to start being looted. The bombing was apparently never explained.

bunny_hugger considered buying her 2013 carousel calendar, since they had it there, but we always buy that from the Magic Carousel Shop at Seaside Heights around New Year's. So.

Trivia: Cowboys kept herds of cattle in Cape May County, New Jersey, from the 17th Century. Source: New Jersey From Colony To State, 1609 - 1789, Richard P McCormick. (This may seem like a diffuse fact, but, I mean, would you have guessed it?)

Currently Reading: Engineers of Dreams: Great Bridge Builders and the Spanning of America, Henry Petroski, who finally gets around to the Mackinac Bride after about 3,000 pages on the Eads Bridge.

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