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Tomorrow's the day that my bride's gonna come

The rest of my visit back east would be dominated by the cold. In retrospect I think I was getting trace of it Monday, but it was over the course of Tuesday that my spirits started to gradually decline and my body started that aching and general unpleasantness that make a cold what it is. I'd expected to come back in the office Wednesday, which explains an irritating little problem. I'd got on Tuesday a phone call, in the middle of lunch, from another client who had various suggestions and wrote them down on the only paper to hand, the paper bag from lunch. I'd left that in the office on the assumption I'd be back in on Wednesday, and able to knock out most of the stuff on them. I was able to ask a friend (the one who failed to set my hair on fire the day before) to transcribe the notes on it, but my handwriting is craggy and small, hard to make out, and she did her best but it was still a problem. She also scanned the bag and e-mailed that to me, but, it was soft pencil on a brown paper bag so you can imagine what that came out like.

Wednesday was pretty spoiled, with me staying in bed after I experimentally tried waking up and determined that wasn't a good idea. I did regret that I wasn't able to get out and do anything, although if I had felt up to doing anything it would've been going to the office so the overly expensive trip would've given me at least four days of physical presence in the office. Failing that I'd have at least got to yoga class, but while I was in good enough shape to move around by the evening, I wasn't ready for Downward Dog or the other movements where some cooperation between mind and body was desirable.

Happily for Thursday I was in good enough shape to travel and I hope not to infect everyone unfortunate enough to be on the planes with me. Unlike the previous time there were no serious delays getting back. There was a slight delay in the Chicago-to-Lansing leg, as I'd kind of hoped would happen when I booked that particular set of flights. That slight and utterly tolerable delay meant I was arriving conveniently close to the end of bunny_hugger's workday that I could wait for her by baggage claim rather than take a taxi home.

Once we met back up, we went to a diner to enjoy our first meal back together in too long, and to mark the forgiveness of the diner for the theft of her iPod a couple years back. And even better there were no catastrophes waiting for me in e-mail when I got back connected to the world.

Trivia: In November 1850 a conflict wounding four Austrian soldiers and killing a Prussian horse, at Bronzell in Hesse, was the first time Austria and Prussia had exchanged shots sine 1778. The nations would sign an alliance in May 1851. Source: The Struggle For Mastery In Europe, 1848 - 1918, A J P Taylor.

Currently Reading: 1848: The Revolutionary Tide In Europe, Peter N Stearns.


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