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A million hearts beat quicker there

I spent most of the day sleeping, or wandering around in a slightly dazed manner, so there's not much to report except that after my dad spent a half-hour finding the phone number to make reservations at a place, my parents went to dinner at a different restaurant. (I stayed home; the long time it took me to answer the question is proof I wasn't up to going out for dinner.) So, some in-flight movie reviews, then:

Spider-Man 2: I wanted to slap Peter Parker, and never stop slapping him. Hey, here's a hint, dummy: if you're scared of people finding out your secret identity, then leave your mask on for as much as 30 seconds in a row. Here's another hint: stop deliberately screwing up your life already. Here's yet another: the smart thing to do two years ago would be to tell Greg Kinnear Junior (whatever his pal who hates Spider-Man's name is), ``Green Goblin killed your father.'' It's true in more than a Lucasian sense and is obvious to anybody capable of thought, which is probably why he missed it.

Jingle All The Way: Conan O'Brien is right to keep harping on this stupid, stupid movie a decade after it was released.

King Arthur: As any costume epic drama proceeds, it will eventually reach a point that you're irrevocably reminded of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, a film they never show on airlines because people would enjoy it. This movie hits that point early on and never quite shakes it, although if you forget their silly attempts to pretend any part of this has any basis in reality past the existence of Hadrian's Wall it's not bad for what it's trying to be.

I, Robot: This is not the insulting tripe I assumed it was based on the trailers. Actually in several parts it strongly reminds one of Isaac Asimov's stories, though only in passing any of the stories from the action I, Robot book. It also obliviously turned Asimov's Three Laws-protected robots into a Frankenstein's Monster story; granted Asimov used that punch line in a few of his stories, but usually without the massive firefights and 30-storey free drop made by the hero. I also clearly recall Susan Calvin in the stories as having a personality. Still, the robots were more attractive than I expected.

First Daughter: I was falling asleep at this point, so never saw more than five seconds at a time, but what I saw irritated me.

Trivia: The instructions for the zero-gravity toilet seen in 2001: A Space Odyssey were eleven paragraphs long. Source: The Making of Kubrick's 2001, Jerome Agel.

Currently Reading: Mutiny: A History of Naval Insurrection, Leonard F. Guttridge.

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