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Since I was young it's been my dream to drive that there zamboni machine

I was going to say I wanted to discuss hockey for the first time ever in this journal, but I realize that's not true. I went to a Devils game and wrote about that. But this is close. New York magazine pointed out that, if the calculations of Forbes magazine are correct, around 83 percent of the National Hockey League's income last season was accounted for by the Rangers, the Canadiens, and the Maple Leafs. The overbalance there surprised me, since there are some believe as many as 27 other teams after all.

Anyway, Forbes estimated how much the teams are worth, which would seem to be a bigger estimate than usual this season with the owners deciding they don't really need those pesky parasite ``players'' interfering with the purity of their earnings and I went poking around to see relative worths. Anyway, there's not really surprises at the top of the list --- besides the three above, there's the Blackhawks, Bruins, and Redwings, which is just about what anyone might name if they tried to think of hockey team names.

I was surprised that the Devils are ranked only at #19. I suppose that, while they are in a good market, it's also a market occupied by the Rangers, Flyers, and Islanders, and that while the Devils have been rather good the past decade they did build up a terrible backlog of losses and mediocrities in their first fifteen years, when they could lose up to 400 games per season. Really surprising me was that the Islanders come in underneath the Carolina Hurricanes, a team that even Hurricanes fans don't care about.

I'd expected the Phoenix Coyotes, a team that as best I can tell stopped playing in 2004 without anybody noticing, to come in at the bottom, but was surprised there too. They're only #29, and no, the Columbus Blue Jackets came in at #28. The bottom was occupied by the Saint Louis Blues, and while I know Saint Louis has problems that make Detroit look over and say, ``well, at least I don't have it that bad'', I never would've guessed that. The Blues aren't among the so-called Original Six, but they go back forever or at least to a couple years before I was born. What's going on over there?

Trivia: The Brotherhood of Professional Base Ball Players agreed on formation in October 1885 to keep their existence secret for a year to attract enough members to reduce the chance of reprisals from owners. Source: Labor and Capital In 19th Century Baseball, Robert P Gelzheiser.

Currently Reading: Nancy: Nancy Is Happy, Ernie Bushmiller. The 1943-45 daily run of the comic strip, which is rather entertaining, maybe most so when it's so very dated. The introductory essay wants to make sure you the reader know, though, how rotten it was everybody made those jokes about the almost zen-like nothingness of Nancy and fie on the current run from a couple talented cartoonists who love the original but want it to be less set in Young Archie Comics Land.


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