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Now for The Price Is Right report, which I could've done back last week if I really wanted. For reasons that I'm sure are not at all indication of drastic budget cutbacks, the show was not just preempted for the Thanksgiving Day parades and in rerun the day after, but was in rerun the last week of November. So this ends up being coverage of the Showcase Showdown results from the 5th of November through the 21st.

I do honestly think it isn't budget-related. Price selected its first male model through a phone-in ballot in early October, so they would have to either have an awkwardly long time without him appearing, or else work closer to airdate for the episodes. So I wouldn't be surprised if they were using an extra week of reruns to build up some episodes without having the new guy missing for too many episodes in a row. They might also be figuring to have the summer break be shorter than in previous years, which implies more reruns in the middle of the season too.

First Second Third
Month 7 10 9
Season 30 25 35

The interesting thing about this Showcase Showdown winners tally is that if you guess 25-30-35, you'll do pretty well on any given playing of ``Cliffhangers''.

No Overspins One Overspin Two Overspins
Solo Win 65 45 40
Tied Win 80 95 -
Triple Tie - - -

And the lowest winning spin has seen some progress on most of its possible outcomes, including finally seeing a tie with one overspin. There hasn't been a triple tie yet this season, though. If the distribution of scores on this weren't so complicated to describe it might make a good exercise to figure out how long it could be expected to take for there to be a triple tie.

Trivia: In each year of the 19th century about 25,000 Londoners were arrested for drunkenness. Source: London: The Biography, Peter Ackroyd.

Currently Reading: Nancy: Nancy Is Happy, Ernie Bushmiller. Really interesting to me is how, yes, there's war-themed strips (that guy who won't buy Defense Stamps has a house that looks like Hitler! The garden has Japanese beetles, let's spray!) but there's no acknowledgement of things like Roosevelt's death, V-E Day, or V-J Day, even on Armistice Day. The first hint of the end of the war is the neighborhood intellectual starting to explain how the atom bomb worked. (Sluggo upstages him by showing it with shooting marbles, which, they could do worse.) I don't insist comics be a weirdly delayed news source but it feels very-different-to-how-we-do-things-now that the biggest news of the century wasn't big enough.

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