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We were up against the wall on the west mezzanine

``Stop nuzzling, you two, it's disgusting,'' said the man keeping us out of the building. ``I'm kidding. It's cute. Go on in.''

We get called cute a lot, because whenever bunny_hugger and I are together, she's there, bringing the average up. Where we were was The Loft, a bar and club just west of the minor league ballpark here in Lansing, and we were there to see Walk The Moon in concert. bunny_hugger wasn't sure what the place was, and finding its exact location revealed why. As the name suggests, the venue's on the second floor, and the front access is just the width of the door, squeezed between two bars, one of which sells only drinks which come in cans. So, yes, Lansing supports hipster life.

bunny_hugger started becoming a Walk The Moon fan after their appearance on Conan, and we went to a show where they were the second opening act back in August. They've been touring in Europe, and came back to do much better than just visiting Detroit again (from our point of view). So we set out on a freakishly warm evening --- the ballpark's scoreboard said it was 61 degrees --- and waited about a half-hour for the line to start moving. Meanwhile we overheard odd conversations, including one person trying to explain how the Silence on Doctor Who would work, especially with that unknowing-genocidal-humans thing. (It would work offensively stupidly.) But who'd have thought ten years ago there'd ever be a time average people on line for a concert in mid-Michigan would be working out the plot holes of Doctor Who?

Within the Loft, incidentally, was a Theater of Magic pinball game. That's one of the games simulated by Pinball Arcade, and quite well, but it was still neat to see one of the few pinballs to feature devilbunnies in the artwork in person. I couldn't really answer bunny_hugger's question about one of the game props --- a tiger with a buzzsaw blade between its paws --- beyond the obvious, what's more dangerous than a tiger or a buzzsaw?

While waiting for the show to start bunny_hugger took out some makeup pencils and drew on me; one of the things the band does is encourage people to put on face paint. She drew some Hip Music Fan Vaguely Tribal icons on me, like a spiral and a string of dots; I drew whiskers on her and a little valentine-heart on her nose. These would get faded but just a little smeared over the night. While in the bathroom, I noticed a brightly-dressed man with a T-shirt of a fox's head surrounded by marigold-style leaves; when he got on stage I realized he was Walk The Moon's lead singer. Yes, he washed his hands.

Trivia: Under Turkish law the Patriarch of the Greek Orthodox church must be a Turkish citizen. Source: The Riddle And The Knight, Giles Milton.

Currently Reading: Spaceling, Doris Piserchia.


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