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Dancing on the Moon

As folks may have heard or inferred, I'm out of Michigan for a couple of days. See, Hurricane Sandy created indirectly a rush of work for the company I kind of do stuff for, and the boss wanted me to be at a conference on Friday as well as to get some new projects put together; he's sure that a couple days in the office is just what I need for putting such projects together. There's something to be said for this as developing over logmein is inherently a little sluggish, but I still think that's a lot of fuss for not much value. But if it keeps me well-paid for a job I can mostly do when I happen to wake up, well, I'll do bimonthly visits.

The necessary flight was, unfortunately, hideously early Monday morning. As bunny_hugger didn't have class she was able to drive me to the Lansing airport, and she could see me off before going back to bed. The afternoon flight on United wouldn't allow me time to stop in on my niece and her parents, which I'd hoped to do in this very abbreviated trip.

So here's how I reduced the O'Hare airport's Johnny Rockets to a state of higgledy-piggledly: I wanted breakfast. I felt more like something hot because why not? Something like an Egg McMuffin would be fine, but the lines at McDonald's were absurdly long. The Johnny Rockets, though, had almost nobody there and they sold egg sandwiches. That works. I ordered an egg sandwich, hold the bacon, which is one of those things you say if you want Chicagoans to know you're not from around there.

What happened next is the cashier's fault. She helpfully noticed that an egg sandwich, no bacon, on an English muffin was the same food items as getting a side order of eggs and a side order of English muffins, so she put that order into the kitchen and charged me less money than my actual order. She told the kitchen guy to just make the eggs and the muffin and put the eggs on the muffin. He wasn't getting this and needed to ask again. And again. She then broke down and told him to make the egg sandwich, hold the bacon. This only added to the confusion, I imagine because the order slip didn't say anything about the egg sandwich. There was a lot of back-and-forth about this issue. I'm glad I had two hours between flights. Other people don't have problems like this, do they?

But they worked it out, and I got my egg sandwich no bacon, and yeah, it was pleasantly hot and about what I should have had for breakfast.

Trivia: Apollo 17's second moon walk began approximately 80 minutes late. Source: Apollo By The Numbers, Richard Orloff. NASA SP-2000-4029.

Currently Reading: The Lonely Crowd: A Study of The Changing American Character, David Riesman, Nathan Glazer, Reuel Denney. Also among the startling but wonderful bits: mention of how immigrants, in assimilating, transfer their ways to the general population and so ``liberate'' --- Riesman's word --- the majority. It also mentions how in these (1950/53) days, people are no longer limited to the monotonous old-fashioned diet but can enjoy exotic ethnic cuisine like lasagna.


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