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I don't know if there'll be snow but have a cup of cheer

I got sick the last time I went back east. Just a cold, but an annoying enough one, that left me sick enough one day that I had to skip going in to work and to yoga class, and I wasn't very good on the plane or afterwards. bunny_hugger attributed it to spending the afternoon with my niece, who being a kid and five years old has every germ known to mankind and several that are going to result in an extinction-level event for the species as soon as the nanites meant to cure disease interact explosively with them. That's for a later date.

It did worry me that I might get sick this time, particularly as I was visiting my niece first thing and that might knock me out in time for the one meeting that I really had to be there for lest the whole trip be pointless. That didn't happen; I was in good shape the whole week and able to work as effectively as ever. But I do seem to have caught something.

It's not serious. It didn't even knock me out. For that matter it didn't even stuff up my nose. I got cough-y, and my nose kept running, and my left ear felt like it hasn't popped from the plane flight. But I've been otherwise alert and find. bunny_hugger thinks it might be (another) cold, one either light enough or well-enough fended off by my immune system that this became a nuisance rather than a knock-you-out affair. That's left the question of where I got it, then. The timing seems to rule out my niece, but then it also rules out the big meeting. There don't seem to be many candidates left; possibly from wandering around the mall looking for potential Christmas presents, but that doesn't seem very probable. It's not like anyone sneezed on me that I remember. It doesn't matter, yet I'd still like to know.

Trivia: Edmond Modeste Lescarbault wrote from Org&graveres-en-beauce on 22 December 1859 to LeVerrier, reporting the transit of Vulcan across the Sun which he obsereved 26 March 1859. Source: In Search of Planet Vulcan, Richard Baum, William Sheehan.

Currently Reading: Paving the way for Apollo 11, David M Harland.


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