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Christmas Eve, my first with bunny_hugger's family, was a split-day affair. In the first part of the day her parents, and her brother, came up to our house where we enjoyed the decorations and kept forgetting to listen to albums after all the time spent getting the record player back into shape. The plan was to spend a little time nestled in our home and to go somewhere to eat. We started figuring to go to one nearby bar, one closing at 6 pm, but rejected it after a quick evaluation from her brother concluded that there wasn't much happening there. We went to another bar, in the other direction, despite the efforts of the weather to make the day more generally miserable.

That bar --- one I'd visited before, though her parents (and brother) hadn't --- was fairly jumping on one side of the partition wall and dead quiet on the other, but we had to go to the quiet half as there wasn't any fitting us all on the busy side. They also had a long shuffleboard table, and bunny_hugger offered to teach us the game as best she understood it. But the machine was short one shuffleboard puck, so there wasn't anything to be played. Her brother seems to have some skill at pushing pucks so they get pretty near the far end of the table without going over, indicating the game might be for him, but that's an abstract question for now.

After coming back, we gathered things up --- mostly presents, but also the rabbit --- to go with her parents back to their house. Then bunny_hugger and I packed and made our way to their home, so we could have a little dinner, and a lot of cookies, and play Betrayal at the House on the Hill, and I could send the dogs into a panic every 45 minutes as they notice my ongoing habit of existing. We'd be having a really good Christmas day.

Trivia: From October to December 1847 no London death certificates mentioned cholera as a cause of death, though it was the cause of an upsurge in deaths at the time. Source: London: A History, A N Wilson.

Currently Reading: The Siege Of Wonder, Mark S Geston.

PS: Reading The Comics, December 15, 2012, first part of covering the month in math-mentioning comic strips.


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