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The projected snow did not start at 10 am; it was sometime after 1 pm. The projected snow was for something like five inches, which would be a pain as bunny_hugger's parents and brother were hoping to come up and then go with us to Crossroads Village, to look at the lights and ride the holiday train, and severe weather would keep them from going. (We didn't plan to skip going --- for one, we didn't want to miss the lights for the season --- for anything less than really severe weather.) It didn't seem too bad and they ventured up to us, and we set out in mild snow for the outskirts of Flint.

The snow was getting worse, though, and if it had been that bad earlier in the day we'd probably not have set out, or at least not let her parents set out. The snow didn't impair the carousel any, glad to say, although the Ferris wheel wasn't running. It probably wasn't the cold, as bunny_hugger had ridden it when the temperature was below zero, so it was probably the snowfall keeping the wheel, which runs by nuclear jet engine, from going. People could get blinded by snow whipped at Superior Wheel speeds into the eye. The merry-go-round was in good shape, though, nice and fast. We couldn't talk bunny_hugger's mother into riding --- she insisted on taking photos --- but her father went along, and her brother, who'd not ridden it before, was delighted. bunny_hugger, her brother, and I could have filled out a radial segment of horses except the one I was to be on was at maximum height, when we got on, and I just couldn't see the way to hopping up that high. Really.

The snow had slowed down our arriving, so we had less time than we'd really have liked to wander around the village before our scheduled train ride (we reserved tickets to an earlier train, so her parents could get back home to care for the dogs). We were able to see at least some of them, underneath the snow blankets, including some animated lights of reindeer grazing that made her brother express delight. If bunny_hugger and I had been on our own, or her parents weren't worried about their dogs, we probably would have wandered back around and lingered in the town. Well, maybe not, given the snow.

Trivia: Napoleon banned the teaching of Basque and other regional languages, a ban not lifted in France until 1981. Source: The Basque History of the World, Mark Kurlansky.

Currently Reading: The Conglomeroid Cocktail Party, Robert Silverberg. Short stories from the 70s and 80s. The title short story, set in one of those protean worlds where the trendy classes try to outdo one another with their sleek new body creations, includes a behavior pattern that feels so hipster-ish I'd almost think it should turn up in a Jonathan Lethem story: folks who go through creating new bodies that are as near as possible perfect replicas of their old bodies, or even getting close to pre-form-change type human bodies. If people can wear ironic vintage T-shirts, why not ironic vintage bodies? (Also it has a time-manipulation story, about a guy trying to break up the protagonist's marriage by making him never-meet his wife, that's particularly chilling.)

PS: Reading The Comics, December 28, 2012, last one of these for the year, most likely. Enjoy!


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