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Crashing through the night comes a fearful cry

I was delighted in the comic book shop to see some mad fanboy has unleashed ``G.I. Joe versus The Transformers II'', following up the classic 1986 miniseries. I was more delighted to see they're using the Doctor Mindbender and other dopey Serpentor-era stuff. You'll recall Doctor Mindbender as the mad scientist with, clearly, little budgetary oversight, who developed a serum which could transform people into killer whales in an effect lasting as long as they didn't eat any meat, which he somehow thought would help Cobra take over the world. I'm so sorry I didn't get to see Doctor Mindbender explaining to Serpentor and Cobra Commander just how, exactly, this fit into the grand strategic plan. But I was totally unprepared to see their grand vision, which I'll hide behind a cut to avoid spoilers.

There's an alliance between Unicron and Cobra-La!

I mean, wow, you know? I haven't felt like this since that time Galvatron went to the therapy planet and drove it mad. Seriously. I mean, that's goofy enough to fall over the edge and become cool again. In, well, a G.I. Joe versus The Transformers way, I mean.

Trivia: The memory cycle time for the Apollo Guidance Computer was 11.7 microseconds. Source: Journey to the Moon: The History of the Apollo Guidance Computer, Eldon C. Hall.

Currently Reading: Falling Torch, Algis Budrys.


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