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Where I felt I could always go

Seaside Heights we expected to leave around sunset, and did; I wasn't sure if they still had the curfew on, or if they were just glad to not have people who didn't really need to be there straining the vicinity's resources. We had somewhere less complicated to go, too: the Silverball Museum in Asbury Park. It too was closed by Sandy, but it reopened a couple weeks before (just after my mid-December visit), and we were happy to get there and to go to Kaya's Kitchen in Belmar (also open after Sandy, based on the timing of Yelp! reviews) for dinner.

I took us inland a bit since I wasn't sure which shorefront roads would be open and did not want to risk getting tangled up. Unfortunately the detour just managed to miss the Ice Cream Carousel Shop, which just affects the icons of a carousel for its ice cream stuff, but would've been fun to drive around at least. Ah well. We got to Asbury Park where we found parking, but not any functioning machines at which to buy parking time. We tried a couple and I resolved that if they ticketed me I'd be ready with a really sarcastic response. (They didn't.)

Though the Asbury Park boardwalk basically survived, it's closed, and the Silverball Museum had to rearrange itself so as to take admissions from the street instead. They did have some promotional materials too for the new Jersey Jack pinball, The Wizard of Oz, promising they'd have the machine when it gets into production. I've been following the relatively sedate pace of developments of this for a while now and I'm surprised that suddenly everyone I know is talking about it. I hope the machine lives up to expectations.

The Silverball Museum claimed that none of the machines was lost to the storm, happily, although between rearranging the layout for the current needs and their usual rotations of what's available there meant some machines weren't around. The one whose absence I felt was Big Shot, because that's an old electromechanical game which the Pinball Arcade app for iPad and other gadgets has got to simulating. I didn't really get what was fun about this machine before, but now that I've had unlimited and convenient time to play it, I understand it, and I was hoping to get back to the real thing and see how it compared. Maybe next time.

bunny_hugger and I couldn't remember which machine it was she'd set a high score on last year, so if we did see it again we didn't notice. Probably her score's been surpassed, but, you never know; stranger things have happened. We entered a raffle to win a pinball machine, no idea which one, but that's all right, as we don't know where we'd put it, particularly if we ever win the Merry-Go-Round Museum's annual horse giveaway.

Kaya's Kitchen disappointed us by being closed. Not permanent, as best we could tell; just, all the lights were off as we pulled into their parking lot. They didn't have any sign in the window explaining why they were closed New Year's Day, although maybe they figured to be open New Year's Eve they'd take the Tuesday off instead. We consoled ourselves by driving to a Jersey Mike's and having a jumbo size cheese sandwich. This tasted really good, better than I'd remembered and better than the Jersey Giants around Lansing. I had thought the difference was the oil and vinegar used, but the bread did seem more substantial an influence than before.

We had plane flights to catch the next day, though, so we popped over to the Barnes and Noble to see if we could find bunny_hugger the current issues of Skeptic and Skeptical Inquirer for the plane. We succeeded with the first, and also found a retro video game magazine imported from Britain that pulled forth psychic lawn darts of memory and nostalgia for her. That would do.

Trivia: The forging of foreign coins was not a crime in the United Kingdom until 1797. Source: All The Best Rubbish, Ivor Noël Hume.

Currently Reading: Great North Road, Peter E Hamilton. (I realize it seems I've been reading this forever, but you need to understand, the book is nearly 186,000 pages long.)


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