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I know I've started to think

The call came while I was in bed, because why would I get up early if I didn't need to, and it was from the new dealer: they had the replacement wheel in and were ready for me anytime I wanted. When I called back the guy I'd been talking to, and who'd left the message for me, was off on break so I left a phone message that I was ready any time they were able to handle me, either today or tomorrow or Friday. Then, feeling like this left me looking a little desperate and not wanting to inspire thoughts of what exactly if anything I did for a living, I added, ``at least, I can be,'' which would be not the least little bit convincing.

Still, they could take me anytime today, right now in fact, according to the service guy when he called me back, inspiring the thought of what exactly they do all day anyway. So I brought the car to them and settled in for the wait in the little customer care area where they had plenty of tea but no cookies. (They were only temporarily out and got a fresh tray while I was waiting.)

They did find more trouble, in a tiny chip in the windshield which my car insurance would pay completely to have fixed on the grounds it was a preventative bit of car care. That was fine and I was willing to go along with that, although the dealer folks did insist on explaining it at about ten minutes' length, and the car insurance people on the phone wanted to go over it at about another ten minutes' length (some of that spent just making sure they had stuff like my insurance policy number or home address correct). After all that explanation I'm fairly sure that there was a small chip in my windshield and they fixed it, with the car insurance covering the cost on the grounds it's a preventative bit of car care. Also at some point all commercial transactions turn into software license agreements, with 4,000 words of boilerplate and a customer just scrolling down to 'Agree Already'.

So, some time, some cookies, and some wear on my credit card later I was off in my car, washed for the second time in two days by the dealer (well, it can't hurt, given the slush on the roads), and driving very warily of potholes or manhole covers. Mostly manhole covers; it's early in the season for the pothole crop. Can't wait.

Trivia: The Apollo Guidance Computer had a three-bit operation code set (at the time called the ``order code''). They were augmented by two-bit ``quarter codes''. Not all 32 possible combinations of order and quarter code were assigned to some function. Source: The Apollo Guidance Computer: Architecture and Operation, Frank O'Brien.

Currently Reading: Down In Jersey, Earl Schenck Miers. It's a weird book. It purports to be vignettes of New Jersey history, presented as if transcriptions of 1909 class presentations of New Jersey history, which is exactly enough layers of fiction that I can't quite feel like I trust any of the historical bits provided. (1909 was the year before Miers's birth, for whatever that signifies.)

PS: Reading the Comics, January 16, 2013, as I have a nice set of comics to write about at just about a thousand words' length.


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