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I'll dust those wintry bowers, wash them out with April showers

bunny_hugger's parents were going to come over today. I was looking forward to seeing them, and we were going to go off in search of bird squirrel and squirrel food, and maybe a taller pole so our bird squirrel feeder could be made more attractive to birds squirrels and less so to squirrels. I wondered whether they'd want to brave setting out given the frigid temperatures of this week --- my wife had to wake up yesterday when it was below zero Fahrenheit --- but they were up for that. What they weren't up for was the precipitate: the forecast called for pockets of intense snow including possibly white-out conditions starting at about noon and continuing until civilization ended in a giant slush ball.

So they cancelled, but we figure to see them this weekend if all goes well. This also meant we had some spare time on on our schedule, since bunny_hugger had got ahead of her class work in anticipation of being busy all afternoon, and my schedule is pretty fluid in nature.

We ended up cleaning. Mostly sweeping, since there's no end of that in a house with a pet rabbit who takes pride in shedding four times his body weight every day. But we did some other chores, too, like replacing the felt pads on the bottom of the dining room chairs so I won't scrape the floor as badly when I fidget, or replacing the vinyl weatherstripping around the front door. The doorframe is some odd, novel polygon not quite matched to the door, and we're sure not replacing that this week. Some foam padding latter and the flow of cold air into the house is down to a reasonable trickle, just in time for things to heat up to the lower 20s.

Trivia: The first bomb stability tests (literally, setting an explosion in the combustion chamber and timing the dying out of oscillations) of the Lunar Module's ascent engine did not always dampen oscillations; nor did they grow. They could just continue, at the same amplitude, for the duration of the test firing. Source: Lunar Lander: How We Developed The Apollo Lunar Module, Thomas J Kelly. This was something of a novelty to everyone in the rocket industry.

Currently Reading: The Great A& P And The Struggle For Small Business In America, Marc Levinson.


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