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The cottage is pretty; the main house a palace

Some more things noticed on underpopulated evening wanderings of Spindizzy:

One cloud of nanites. I don't know what their purpose is; I avoid touching big clusters of nanites, which may reflect an undeserved reputation they've acquired. Still, I don't feel like that sort of trouble right now.

A half-dozen or so libraries. Several are magical, and tucked full of arcana and whatnot. There's at least one regular library, too, with Austen and Dickens and the like. I've never seen a librarian, though.

A half-dozen or so abandoned sites. I don't mean the muck-builders have abandoned them, particularly, but that they're described to be things that were used once upon a time, but haven't been used for ages. These range from old homesteads through factories through a launchpad for the Orion nuclear rocket. I'm not sure how to describe two rooms I've built, the Taurus-Littrow Valley (landing site for Apollo 17) and the Viking 1 landing site on Mars, both of which are in north-western Spindizzy.

It's a bit curious that many muckers build stuff that's meant to have the miasma of abandonment to them. I wonder if it's not reflective of a sense that furry-dom, and for that matter the Internet, is so young (as a mass media) that there's a longing for antiquity, for place. Or it may reflect that the stuff we read, and that lingers, that has furries in it tends to be fantasy material -- Spellsinger, anyone? -- or is charmingly dated pieces -- like Fritz Leibner's The Wanderer with its seductive purple-green alien tigress-women and two-tone spaceships of juvenile delinquents looking for kicks -- and so when we begin creating, we do so in imitation of what we've read, and that's unavoidably old and the only conclusion for it being so dated is that it's been left as it was in the unknown times of long, long ago.

Or maybe it's just that there is romance in the obsolete and joy in bringing back the forgotten.

My big contribution to the ``antique stuff'' notion apart from maybe the plots of the Moon and Mars would be Amalfi, the dbref #1 character, who's an antique plush rabbit. But that's taken quite literally from a real plush toy that belonged to my grandfather; it means plenty as it is and I couldn't make it new without losing something important.

Trivia: Singapore's Dhoby Ghaut (MRT station) derives its name from the dhobies -- the clothes-washers -- and ghaut -- the flight of steps leading to a riverbank. There is no river remaining in the area. Source: Street Names of Singapore, Peter K. G. Dunlop.

Currently Reading: I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon, Philip K. Dick


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