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I'm never satisfied with three meals a day

So, a couple months back, on a shopping run, bunny_hugger mentioned we were running short on sour cream, but picked up a tub of cottage cheese. She didn't notice the mistake until we got home, although I'd noticed it sooner and not said anything. She asked why I didn't, and I said because I thought she realized we needed cottage cheese along with the sour cream. Why, she wondered, would I want cottage cheese and sour cream? Well, to eat. (A shocking number of my explanations for things I think reasonable are pretty much The Fool's teaching of King Lear how he'd make a good fool.)

She thought the eating of cottage cheese with sour cream possibly the most absurd food combination not actually involving Elvis Presley in Scotland. I insisted it was perfectly normal, since, well, we had it growing up often enough. It has a late-70s/early-80s feel to it, but I don't feel the need to sneer at stuff just because it's late-70s/early-80s in feel. She continued to insist --- in a very silly argument that flared up a couple times including on our Twitter accounts --- that I'm the freak, or at least my family is. Sad to say I'm getting very little support from my family on this (my sister claims never to have heard of it) and the only comment on the web is from an old New Yorker article talking about a Liz Taylor diet which was rife with the absurdities of the foolish rich, tossing cottage cheese and sour cream alongside the actually ridiculous like steak-with-peanut-butter.

Well. A Liz Taylor diet would be a plausible vector for my mother to pick it up; I have no theories to why my mother would stick with it a decade or more past Liz giving it up (apparently) or why plenty of other suburban mothers wouldn't try the same. To give the combination a fighting chance on Google, though, here's how you make it.

Take about four parts cottage cheese to one part sour cream. Mix well. It'll be a more pleasantly creamy sort of cottage cheese. Eat.

If you want to put in fruits that's your concern. We never did.

Trivia: A hen can lay more than 200 eggs in a year. A pair of pigeons can raise about a dozen squabs. Source: Superdove: How The Pigeon Took Manhattan ... And The World, Courtney Humphries.

Currently Reading: A Game Of Inches: The Stories Behind The Innovations That Shaped Baseball, Peter Morris.


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