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People's faces painted just like clowns

What can be quite so comforting as looking out the window to see a sunny, blue sky? Knowing it's doing so during regularly scheduled daylight hours, for one. If you keep finding the sun glaring down on you at hours like 3 am, for example 2:45 am, it's possible that you're accidentally on the wrong side of the planet. Check again, from the outside. But spotting the sun and the blue sky is a good way of telling that this is a slow day.

... and to continue the essay, I've opened up a little humor blog over WordPress way, which I hope people will read and enjoy. And remember, I can track where you come from, so I'll know that only chefmongoose is actually going over to see. I don't mind. I know my style is not everyone's tastes; I'm just hoping to better find the audience I better fit. It's an experiment; I need to do more experimenting, of course, which is why I started out with a pretty conventional sort of essay for me.

Trivia: The French Republican calendar month of Brumaire was translated into Italian as Brumaio, into German as Nebelmonat, and into Dutch as Mistmaand. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: The Mathematics of Life, Ian Stewart.

PS: Six Minutes Off, since the other WordPress blog, the mathematics one, is still going strong. How long does it take to get a very near miss in my Arthur Christmas-and-reindeer problem? If you want a very close near miss, it can be a couple years, or the length of recorded history. Maybe you shouldn't be so fussy.

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