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And Disneyland and P.O.P. is worth a trip to L.A.

And now some pictures from a street fair being set up in Utrecht while I wandered around looking for the Railway Museum. Sadly, its opening evening was, if I read things right, the day after bunny_hugger and I would leave for other parts of the Netherlands, and her professional obligations kept her from coming along with me, but all I got to see was them setting things up anyway.

P7060033.jpg I don't want to know what ``Kermis'' means in this context. I just like the way ``Kermis Welkom'' looks, and the way it sounds as I pretend I can read Dutch.
P7060036.jpg I was curious whether the cars on this little carousel go up and down or whether it just spins around, but I didn't get to see a test cycle. I'd imagine the whole thing just spins around without going up and down, though, since that doesn't seem like sensible motion for a car.
P7060041.jpg Something really delights me about seeing the bumper car thing from the wrong side. There's always something special about catching the world in-between acts or during stage preparation, and you just don't normally see the back of a ride unobstructed by some other ride or decoration or some obstruction.
P7060045.jpg There is much I love in this picture. The main focus is of course the ride, with its menagerie of the Public Domain Cartoon Cover versions of so very, very many Disney characters. So very many. Baloo, Rafiki, Timon, Sebastian, the hyenas from Lion King, Timon and Pumbaa (obstructed, in the backdrop) and the seagull from The Little Mermaid, Shere Khan and I Guess There's A Human In The Jungle Book But Who Cares Who He Is, Simba, and I can only imagine how many others.

But what I love best is that it's set up just behind the scowling bust of Professor Bernardus Reiger, mayor of Utrecht from 1891 to 1908. He was also, Wikipeida says, manager of a beet sugar factory in town, so, you know this setting is exactly how he'd like to be remembered.
P7060046.jpg And here is a Wild Mouse that, alas, neither of us would ride. It was at the end of the fair, though, just at the corner to turn for the Railway Museum. It was also right in front of some kind of club and I could see members, through the window, peering out at it. Note that the coaster, while a Crazy Coaster, also promises to be not just fun but Mega Fun.

Trivia: Norway possesses both Jan Mayhen, the northernmost island in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, and Bouvet Island, the southernmost. Source: Atlantic: Great Sea Battles, Heroic Discoveries, Titanic Storms, And A Vast Ocean Of A Million Stories, Simon Winchester.

Currently Reading: Gemini: Steps To The Moon, David J Shayler. ``Coastal Century Quebec''? Did the author have his spell checking done by live closed captioning?


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