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A couple weeks ago bunny_hugger and I were in the book store and I noticed a magazine, a British import, titled simply Kinks. It purported to be a complete guide to the band, and a special edition gathering interviews, photographs, all sorts of memorabilia from the band's history. I started to bring her attention to it right then and realized, no, I should get this as a surprise, so I left it back on the magazine rack and hoped she wouldn't notice. Happily, she didn't. I was able to sneak back her next class day, buy it, and slip it into her bag so that the following class day she got a surprise amongst her school papers. I love getting to surprise her so.

The magazine's proved to be a good investment in regular delights as she'll read one article or so before bed and there's usually something she hadn't run across before, or that she'd found only in distorted or semi-legendary form, like getting straight just who decked out who on stage during a concert and then fled, or who which band members had been unhappy roommates (not unconnected to decking out the other on stage). Also, based on excerpts she's read me, Ray Davies spent all of the 1970s explaining that (a) he's never listened to The Who's Tommy, (b) the Kinks never had any intention of making a rock opera, that was just the label people put on their rock operas, (c) the Kinks were making a rock opera before Tommy and that one nobody remembers got there first, (d) he's never seen the movie Tommy, (e) why are you so concerned about who made the first rock opera, (f) he doesn't even know anybody named Tommy and never met anyone who did, (g) Tommy is overrated anyway but at least The Who seemed to be having some fun with their diddling around like that but he hasn't heard it and, (h) shut up.

But the most fun comes from the magazine's reviews, which are going into every single album and giving a star rating to every single song. Apparently, they've sought out someone with exactly and precisely the opposite preference in Kinks songs to bunny_hugger, so all their album ratings are wrong, and even within the albums they're rating each song wrong. I haven't got the instant command of Kinks titles that my dear doe has, but I have to side with her for the ones I have opinions about. Case in point: an instrumental bossa nova version of ``Lola'', made for the album ``Arthur'', was given five stars. How?

Trivia: The Imperial Title assumed by Queen Victoria over India in 1877 was styled as ``Kaiser-i-Hind'' for the Indian peoples, per the advice of Professor G W Leitner, principal of the Government College in Lahore. He had argued the term ``Kaiser'' was familiar to the natives of India, would be unique among the titles of Indian potentates, and would not risk being mispronounced. Source: The Invention Of Tradition, Editors Eric Hobsbawm, Terence Ranger.

Currently Reading: Mathematics: From The Birth Of Numbers, Jan Gullberg.

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