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You wouldn't be a-wandering from door to door

Drawing is a wonderful way to express yourself, to force your friends to look at URLs of your art without leaving them free to express their real indifference, and to get pictures of what you really want without having to explain it to an artist. (``It's Kim Possible's Mom as Captain Picard's new helm officer, only she's a steampunk mermaid dragon Little Pony, and she's eating spaghetti, in Tron.'') It's also a beloved activity of childhood, something parents and teachers pass on to kids, along with making paper rings and snowflakes, to show humanity's dominance to crayons and construction paper. Many of us stop drawing, but here's how to do it again.

And for the rest please do kindly go to my humor blog. I've had an essay --- mine, fresh or a rerun, or a public domain one by someone like Robert Benchley --- or a short item each day for the past couple weeks, and who knows how long I can keep that going?

Trivia: The United States military requisitioned an average of 430 pounds of meat per soldier per year during World War II. Source: The Long Road Home: The Aftermath Of The Second World War, Ben Shephard.

Currently Reading: Oxygen: The Molecule That Made The World, Nick Lane. I was expecting this to be primarily a chemistry book, but it's got a lot more biochemistry, and history-of-evolution, than I would have guessed. It's fascinating how much oxygen seems to play into. Also, it's an Oxford Univeristy Press book so it's got all those fine British spellings.

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