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I need to clear out some books and so offer these samples of my eclectic tastes to any takers. Please contact this or any department if you would like it sent gratis to you, or contact me if you would like it sent by mail.

An Incomplete History Of The Cold War, by Daniel ``D D'' Davison ``Hall'', accepts that any history of a complicated event will be incomplete, and so for this popularization it includes only the years 1947, 1953-55, 1964-67, 1978, 1980, then goes back to 1972 because of some stuff it thought about, and 1980 again; and it omits completely all reference to ``Poland'' or ``Belize'', the latter of which the author insists was merely coincidence. 325 pages.

And for the rest of the article do please hop over to my WordPress humor site, which has this as well as five brief humorous bits I wrote since last Friday, and a transcribed Fred Allen bit that I thought was funny and don't care what anyone else says.

Trivia: The ``Evil May Day'' was that of 1517, when anti-foreigner riots swept London. No lives were lost in this most serious public disorder of Tudor England, except in later executions. Source: The History Today Companion To British History, Editors Juliet Gardiner, Neil Wenborn.

Currently Reading: The Airships Akron and Macon: Flying Aircraft Carriers Of The United States Navy, Richard K Smith.

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