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We wanted a nice, romantic dinner at a particular Ann Arbor restaurant, a vegetarian restaurant with imitation-meat versions of everything a regular Mexican restaurant would have. It's really good. It's also, clearly, really popular, perhaps because it is that good. When we got there there was roughly every person in Michigan crowded around the maitre d', and it wasn't showing signs of improving any. In my eternal struggle to be naively optimistic I noted there was a comedy show scheduled for 8 pm, and perhaps some of the people were just hanging around there, which is utterly plausible if you're willing to pretend that's plausible.

So we walked back along the way a little, to see if there was another restaurant at least as appealing. Unfortunately the strip we were around didn't have very many, and it was reaching the point of being ``slap you across the face with a sheet of plywood'' cold, and we weren't quite up to walking to another part of town with maybe more suitable restaurants. So we returned to the parking deck, found the car, and set out back for home.

As we finished listening to some of my music discs --- a collection of favorite Kinks pieces bunny_hugger had made for me, and then one of her brother's band's albums --- we got into Lansing and went to a diner. Diners have always had an important spot in our relationships and I'm glad we could eat at one, even if we remembered later the diner had a counterpart, its other restaurant, in Ann Arbor where we could've gone to instead.

Still, likely we'll go back before long, since it is fun visiting, and we didn't really have long enough, and we've got the restaurant to get back to.

Trivia: Meat turns gray when the cell walls burst, at about 80 degrees Celsius. Source: Molecular Gastronomy: Exploring The Science Of Flavor, Hervé This.

Currently Reading: The Louisville Grays Scandal of 1877, William Cook. Boy, I really like all the stuff there's published these days involving real research into the early days of baseball, but the researchers desperately need writers. The whole thing is jumbled, and the worst is the chapter about after the Grays Scandal, as it attempts to highlight gambling-in-baseball incidents post-1878 and skips around before finally pointing out that people who burnt their draft cards in the 60's are now in Congress, which is relevant because what?


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