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A man named Mister Waterman invented a tube; he was sad because it sprung a little leak

Meanwhile, looking back over at work: I don't know exactly when it happened but that patent we applied for was granted!

I'm a bit incredulous that it was granted, since I'm not sure it really is enough original work for that, but I admit I do tend to think that anything I know is inherently obvious, even when I know it's not. In a murder mystery I'd be one of those infuriating idiots who never thinks to mention that oh, yeah, I did see the suspect going into the room with the victim, and hear the three gunshots, and see the suspect come out, blow smoke off the gun, and say, ``I hope nobody saw me kill him'', but I didn't think it was worth mentioning.

The boss didn't tell me just when it was granted, but he's clearly very enthusiastic about it. He's even slipped it into e-mails to the staff about what the company is going to be doing in the future, as though having a patented computer thingy is inherently that much dramatically better than just having a computer thingy.

Anyway, this increases by one the points in which my biography and Albert Einstein's overlap (taught at a university in a nation we weren't born in; lived some time in New Jersey; have a patent; did not fight in World War I).

It means also in professional achievements I've got ... well, two academic books published, one contribution for a popular book selected, and now a patent. I think the young me would have been delighted to have all this, though he might also wonder why he hadn't had all this done at a younger age.

Trivia: Bosnia's economy grew 86 percent in 1996, and another 37 percent in 1997. Unemployment dropped from 70 to 80 percent down to 35 percent over this time. Source: The World's Banker: A Story Of Failed States, Financial Crises, And The Wealth And Poverty Of Nations, Sebastian Mallaby. (Even for the recovery just after a war this is rather robust.)

Currently Reading: The Pursuit Of Wealth: The Incredible Story Of Money Throughout The Ages Of Wealth, Robert Sobel.

PS: Peeking At Cedar Point; I'm afraid I fell a little behind on keeping up these posts.


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