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Or you can get with that

For the past week, and for most of this, I'm back in New Jersey, for the reasons you might expect: there's presentations to customers or potential customers to give, and they like having me to show off, and the boss likes being convinced that I still manifest in tangible form. This started as a one-week trip, covering at least two client meetings, but after I bought the plane ticket had to stretch it out another three days because of yet another client meeting that couldn't help but be a Wednesday. There was a brief bubble for another meeting in the gap from Thursday to Wednesday, but nothing came from that. All it amounted to was a $150 change-of-flight-itinerary fee and a couple extra days of car rental.

The reason for this rush of presentations is that one of the people who works with clients --- and does much of the training and communication involved --- is going out for surgery next month, so they want to pack as many client meetings as possible in before she does go out. It may seem odd to whet the appetites of people for a service when they're not going to be able to be trained on for six weeks, although given the time it takes to go from seeing the presentation to making the formal decision to buy it to getting training sessions planned maybe there won't be a practical gap.

Anyway, that's what brought me back to New Jersey, and tucked into a Hyundai Accent which surprised me by having no cruise control that I could find. I was spoiled when a previous trip got me that Kia Boxy Hamster Car, with its heated seats and rear-view camera that made parking joyful, but the lack of a cruise control and, as best I can figure, any way to advance or rewind the CD player other than skipping a whole track is throwing me. Anecdotes to follow, of course.

Trivia: The Bletchley Park Trust, British Telecom, and Cabinet minister Peter Kilfoyle signed an agreement for a 250-year lease on 28 acres of Bletchley Park (set to convert automatically to a freehold afterwards). Source: Hijacking Enigma: The Insider's Tale, Christine Large. (Large does not, unfortunately, make it clear to me who the lease was to. BT and the Bletchely Park Trust were co-owners of the 58-acre park. Still, a 250-year lease is a big idea.)

Currently Reading: The Pursuit Of Wealth: The Incredible Story Of Money Throughout The Ages Of Wealth, Robert Sobel.


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