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Making all his nowhere plans for nobody

News comes across this desk --- it's actually a very portable desk, designed to be tucked into the carry-on luggage and unleashed in-flight when nobody is expecting you to whip out that little drawer with all the old Snapple Facts bottle caps --- from a correspondent in Indiana. It seems that nothing was stolen today from both a bank in Angola, and police investigating the initial report found that nothing was also stolen from a pharmacy and a bowling alley nearby.

Can I keep this soap bubble of a premise going for an approximate 700 words? Kindly drop over to my humor blog and see. Also see several short pieces, plus some Finely Peter Dunne bits, one about the Paris Exposition of 1900, and some short observations from this turn-of-the-century comic author.

Trivia: The French Republican calendar month of Frimaire was translated into Italian as Frimaio, into German as Kältemonat, and into Dutch as Rijpmaand. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: The Non-Statistical Man, Raymond F Jones.

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