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Where are the things that you took from this world

The point of my returning was presentations, for clients or potential clients, and showing off the web stuff I'd been doing lately. So that's what my Wednesday and Thursday were. These also offered me the chance, after one whole day back in the office, to get away from the office. The first day we were going up to way the heck in north Jersey, so it made more sense for us all to gather and carpool from our homes as we were all in Ocean County. I drove to the tech Vice President's office, fairly nearby, and then we met up with the other person. For this sort of expedition she likes to leave her car in a Parkway rest plaza, taking her chances against the two-hour parking limit. This time the only parking space she could find was directly under the sign warning of the two-hour parking limit. No, she was neither ticketed nor towed, and that after six hours, so the Parkway rest plaza parking time limits are losing their terror.

I'd brought with me a tea, from Wawa, since I'd been getting hot teas while riding in. The other person commented on how special I was to be allowed to bring coffee into the tech guy's car. I didn't realize he had a rule or practice against it, but, I did have him on the ``this isn't coffee'' loophole.

The presentation went pretty smoothly, although one of the people who was expected to present didn't. He runs some of the main web site stuff, and claimed to have accidentally set off some problem that needed to be dealt with that morning. True enough, there were some web site problems, not on my site, causing intermittent bad behavior which gave us chances to add self-deprecating laughs to the presentation.

Afterward, the boss took everyone to a nearby diner where we got lunches that were pretty good and which were large enough to smother any dog not much larger than a labrador retriever. The boss got two appetizers, an entree, a side, and then ordered desert too, one of those merengues with a cubic meter of whipped cream on top. I'm not sure how the tech guy, who was driving, managed not to fall asleep on the drive back.

Trivia: In 1927 Delaware had no state prison nor reformatory. Source: 1927: High Tide of the 1920s, Gerald Leinwand.

Currently Reading: The Dolphin And The Deep, Thomas Burnett Swann.


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