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We built this city on rock and roll

For Sunday I had more stuff planned: I had a couple boxes of books still left over that I was going to take to the Book Garden, a fine used bookstore near Great Adventure. The owner there tends to buy only about half of the things I bring in, and almost never the ones I think are sure to be bought. He was in and buying, though, and pretty well at that, particularly of some DVDs that I'd not watched in ages and probably never would get around to again. I also found a couple of cards that were just adorable, including one good for bunny_hugger's brother's birthday, and one that was so adorable I had to compose it as a quasi-anniversary card even though the text didn't quite fit.

Confusing me is that, between taking the unsold books back to the car, and buying the cards, I don't remember getting the cash back actually in my hand. After thinking back and forth about whether to ask, I did, and the store owner said he did give it to me, and I accepted that, but I still haven't got any memory whatsoever of taking it. Well, if he's mistaken, then his register was off at the end of the day and next time I'm in he'll likely remember, since, it's not like we don't kind of know each other.

With my father's grumbling in the morning on my mind, I mentioned to my father some of the home repairs bunny_hugger and I have in mind, either as things we really have to do, or as things that would be nice to have done. Home repair stuff really gets my father going, and he spent around ninety minute telling me just how easy it would be to expand the window in our (detached) garage to a door (which doesn't work at all because it'd be a painfully bad place for a door), or how we really ought to be putting aluminum siding on instead of repainting the house (though he did recommend getting notarized copies of the house painter's license and insurance before they start work, which is good advice), and before I knew quite what was going on my father had found the web site for an Ann Arbor shop that sells recycled home construction and repair stuff. Also he was in danger of falling in love with Ann Arbor based entirely on this one place.

I believe he's also salivating at the prospect of coming out to replace the tiles in our breakfast nook, although my mother stated firmly that he was not to come out here and do home repair stuff until after he's finished fixing and cleaning up his own home. Still, giving him the prospect of a whole different home to repair things in made my father very, very happy. (I have not, and would not, invite him out to repair things except to the extent that bunny_hugger and I agreed, together, that there was something needing repair that he could do well. I'd rather have him out for the fun of it. But he really likes thinking about how to fix things.)

Trivia: On 10 March 1902 Henry Ford resigned from the Henry Ford Company. The company soon renamed itself for Detroit founder Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac. Source: Henry and Edsel: The Creation of the Ford Empire, Ricahrd Bak.

Currently Reading: R E Olds: Auto Industry Pioneer, George S May. It's good to know Olds liked the tune ``In My Merry Oldsmobile'', considering he couldn't very well avoid it. Apparently he wanted at one point to install a carillon that'd play it for all downtown Lansing to hear, over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, so, perhaps it's best the town didn't take up all his civic leadership ideas.


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