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I mean they say that every day is just another rotten mess

The patent stuff: I thought, from the boss's discussions, that the patent we'd applied for last year was granted. It annoyed me the boss didn't tell me just when the patent came through, since I'd want to celebrate it, but hearing that it was granted thrilled me.

Monday afternoon, as I was getting ready to leave, the patent attorney called me. He needed the boss's approval to go ahead with some paperwork on the patent. This didn't require more than the boss saying, officially, yes, do this, within the next two days; but apparently the boss had not answered the phone earlier and was not returning the calls. I promised to try getting through to the boss, and to get the new vice-president of administrative stuff to bug him too. Actually, the administration vice-president has been trying to get the boss to make this call and say OK. For weeks.

Well. I called the boss, getting his voice mail, and told him directly: he had to call the patent attorney, right this minute, or he would lose the patent irrevocably. The first thing Tuesday, after I got in, I called again and left the boss the same message, with more emphasis on how he had to call right this minute or else. I planned to call every two hours, although that proved not quite necessary: at about 10 am the boss called in, asking who'd been trying to get in touch with him, and they eventually guessed it was probably me. He said he hadn't got the messages I'd left, so I told him: he had to call the patent attorney right now or the patent was irrevocably and permanently lost. I told him that several times over. He swore he'd call right away.

And, mercifully, he did, as I confirmed with the patent attorney about an hour later, and he gave the authorization needed for the step in patent process thingy. So my patent is, while not granted, at least not dead. And, apparently, under the right circumstances I can push the boss into doing what he should have done weeks before for crying out loud.

Trivia: Pasteur took out an inventor's patent on ``pasteurization'' to establish the date of the invention. Source: Louis Pasteur, Patrice Debré, Translated by Elborg Forster.

Currently Reading: Reporting The Revolutionary War, Todd Andrlik.


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