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In history books your name they'll erase

Coming in late Wednesday was a bit of a risk, as I was to meet up other folks from the office and go to a client presentation. But the third person in this was even later, so I didn't look bad. We did get to the presentation late, but that wasn't my fault.

The presentation turned into a bit of a fiasco: we have always done ``live'' presentations showing the actual web site in use as it actually would be used. This depends on having a good Internet connection, which clients have approximately none of the time. We did get a Mi-Fi device, to guarantee us some Internet, but our clients have a habit of being in buildings that are huge Faraday cages inside townships that have never known the touch of a cell phone tower, so we'll get on the order of twelve bits per second, and my work just crashes and dies during this. And this presentation round was even worse than average for that.

I did my best during this by explaining the way things ought to work, and I think my haplessness made me look sympathetic. Eventually our tech department vice-president worked out a land-line connection through a phone that it turns out had an IP address, and we were able to go forward at full speed again. But the boss agreed, after this, that we have to have a PowerPoint presentation to give when the Internet isn't working. I don't like being driven to needing PowerPoint, but I don't know how to avoid that either.

So despite all this mess, we got a round of lunch at a restaurant which didn't threaten to sink under the weight of the accumulated food, and which was just across the street from a costume shop that had a bunch of superhero costumes on display. The tech vice-president tried to send a picture of the Wonder Woman mannequin to one of the guys back in the office, but his phone died mid-message.

We got back to the office late enough that I couldn't go off to yoga, disappointing my yoga instructor, and me, as this meant I missed the two Wednesdays when I might have got there.

Trivia: Richard Stockton is the only signer to have repudiated the Declaration of Independence; he is also the only one to have a rest stop on the New Jersey Turnpike named for him. Source: Signing Their Lives Away: The Fame And Misfortune Of The Men Who Signed The Declaration Of Independence, Denise Kurnan, Joseph D'Agnese. (He'd been imprisoned and was deathly ill when he did. His neighbors did not hold it against him after the war, and when released and recovered he did return to the Patriot/Rebel cause.)

Currently Reading: Reporting The Revolutionary War, Todd Andrlik.

PS: On Peeking At Cedar Point, and a solution to the viewing question I'd put forth a little while ago.


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