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Home can be the Pennsylvania Turnpike

The return flight worked out about as expected, with the slightly odd diversion that CNN Airport was showing the Pope as he went about his farewell message. I got a bit nervous about flying into O'Hare, since there was only about ninety minutes scheduled between my arrival and the start of boarding for the Lansing leg, which seems fine in normal weather but might be inadequate if there were snow, but there wasn't anything to slow my plane's arrival. It was the emptiest flight I've been on since flying out of and into Singapore during the SARS crisis, though. In the last ten rows of the 757 there were three people, me included.

Departure, now ... my flight to Lansing got delayed in the wait for an incoming plane, was the first story. Then there was the claim they were waiting for the flight leaving the same gate --- to Toronto --- to leave first; that one also was delayed for incoming equipment. Any of these might be true, but there was also some delay because other planes, not the Toronto or the Lansing flights, were getting de-iced at our gate or blocking our gate so we had to wait for that to go through.

Since the flight, delayed as it was, still got into Lansing long before bunny_hugger got back from work, I needed a taxi. The one outside the stand was gathering people for East Lansing, and I wasn't east enough. I called for another ride, and got paired up with someone heading east of Lansing but not in East Lansing. She and the taxi driver kept up a busy conversation, which was fine by me since I'd spent quite a few hours doing that airport travel shuffling around.

I got home --- and I'd like to grumble a bit that the taxi driver took off right away, before I got the door open, which goes against The Rules of dropping people off as I understand them --- after ten pretty tiring days away. I would swear our pet rabbit gave me a look expressing, ``You? I thought we got rid of you!'' I apologized, of course, and put my luggage in the bedroom where I could deal with it later.

Trivia: The active chemical in garlic is dipropenyl disulfide; the body can easily process the two sulfur atoms in it by making methyl mercaptan and breathing it out. Source: Molecules At An Exhibition: The Science Of Everyday Life, John Emsley.

Currently Reading: Conversing With The Planets: How Science And Myth Invented The Cosmos, Anthony Aveni.

PS: Reading the Comics, March 12, 2013, the continuation of my efforts to say something about any comic strip that bothers to mention something mathematical. Do enjoy.


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