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We also wandered back to Pinball Pete's, which turns out not to be an Ann Arbor facility with an East Lansing outpost as we had assumed, but an East Lansing business that expanded into Ann Arbor. Although I was horrified that the Tron Legacy pinball is a freaking dollar a play, there was some great news as bunny_hugger found a lovely little alcove, tucked way in back and barely visible except through the fluorescent paint, with a half-dozen more pinball machines than I had ever noticed before.

Unfortunately the machine I first tried playing took money without giving credits. The attendant offered to put credits on some other machine, and I picked ``Monster Madness'', a rather good mid-90s Bally which took the Universal Monsters and made them part of a rock band. (It's on Pinball Arcade if you want to play it.) He gave me two credits, actually, rewarding my ``honesty'' for saying I'd only lost one credit to the defective game.

The game turned into one of those classic-to-pinball-players anti-deathspirals, too, in which I couldn't avoid hitting extra balls and getting multiballs and other things that prolong the length of the game. This is ordinarily rather fun, unless you have somewhere to get --- and experienced pinball players will tell you, there's nothing to make it impossible for you to drain than having to get going somewhere now --- and I was worried that I was boring bunny_hugger, who doesn't have pinball games that drag out as long as mine. Happily, she was delighted to watch me playing, especially when this deranged, complicated four-ball multiball got started and I was able to just keep things in motion (aided by the game relaunching drained balls for a remarkably long while).

Afterwards we went back to the restaurant we'd tried to eat at two days after Valentine's Day to find packed beyond all reason. We were worried this was the new Saturday norm, but, no, they were able to take us right away and the place was almost distressingly empty. At least, it was until after we'd ordered, at which point suddenly a comfortably large fraction of the tables were filled. When people snuck in, we don't know. Our waitress admired an owl pendant which I'd given bunny_hugger for the 28th of February (the approximate five-year anniversary of the start of our relationship), and wondered if I'd gotten it through Etsy or one of the shops in Ann Arbor. I admitted kind of sheepishly that I got it at Claire's.

Trivia: On Isaac Newton's death he left behind an estate valued at £32,000, divided among his half-nephews and nieces from his mother's second marriage. Source: The Calculus Wars: Newton, Leibniz, and the Greatest Mathematical Clash of All Time, Jason Socrates Bardi.

Currently Reading: Stilwell and the American Experience in China 1919 - 45, Barbara Tuchman.


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