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Of course that don't include the towns or the people around the Mississippi

Although I'm pretty good in being able to listen to music --- I keep surprising bunny_hugger when I suggest she put on some music, I think --- I haven't got much of a collection of my own. It grows, slowly, and recently it's been augmented a little bit by my deciding to buy things through iTunes on pretty near impulse. At least, I'll hear something on, say, the internet radio stations I like and decide to buy an album from whoever that is, or follow a ``people also bought'' link therein. The result has been a modest but definite increase in music I had on hand, which I used to burn a CD of MP3s ahead of our car ride, which would be a couple of hours each way.

However, I still have a knack for picking songs, even on impulse, that just don't seem to come from quite the same universe as anything else. Some of this is surely that I picked up an album of electronica and liked it, and that lead me to similarly exotic-sounding links. Some of that is that when I do have a song stuck in my head it'll be because of some weird link, like I heard it a lot back on Nickelodeon in the long distant past, which is why I had an album from Kid Creole and the Coconuts. A lot of the travel time was spent with bunny_hugger asking what exactly we were listening to, and since I picked stuff up casually, I just had no real idea.

I took only one major wrong turn while getting to the Cedar Point vicinity, because there's this point where you have to switch from the highway to the local roads by decelerating way too abruptly; luckily, the alternate path was well-signed. Better, this let us see parts of Sandusky we'd missed, with some fascinating buildings, such as this one that looks like a pyramid, except that most of the ``first floor'' is missing so it's largely an overhang with parking lot and sidewalk space underneath. It's such a striking building that we're not sure how seriously we're considering buying it because it is just so wonderfully Odd 1960s Maybe It Was A Realtor's Office Or Something? in design. We could make it fit our lifestyle, or adjust our lifestyle to fit it.

Trivia: From 27 February 1979, Los Angeles-area public television began broadcasting a ``Jupiter Watch'', allowing the public to see Voyager pictures as they came in to mission control. Source: Voyager: Seeking Newer Worlds In The Third Great Age Of Discovery, Stephen J Pyne.

Currently Reading: The Thurber Carnival, James Thurber.


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