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Go, Gadget Go

So I was reading the headlines over at a Trek fan web site -- I still speak the Trekkie language, even if I haven't followed the shows regularly since Bush the Somewhat Greater, and now mostly notice looking back at Next Generation amazed at how the special effects look worse than the original show's did, and how I want to slap all the characters except, ironically, Wesley Crusher. Anyway, I noticed this item:

The next [ Bryan ] Fuller [ who did something or other for Star Trek: Voyager ] project to make it to air will likely be The Amazing Screw-On Head for the Sci-Fi Channel, which is based on the comic book by Mike Mignola. The animated half-hour series will follow the adventures of robot employed by the government during the U.S. civil war. Casting is expected to take place within the next month.

Robot agents in the Grand Army of the Republic. You knew this was inevitable as soon as the generation raised on Knight Rider got to make its own pop culture, didn't you? And if Conan O'Brien hasn't gotten the blue card with tomorrow night's guests from the Robot Serving The Union Army, then his writers have clearly missed their callings.

I'm sorry the report hasn't anything personal in it today, but the drive to shore up the last little points in the draft has occupied my time. That and convincing my parents that yes, it takes time to do this work. Is this what it's like for people who telecommute or work out of their homes?

Trivia: The water for the palace at Versailles in the 18th century had to be brought over land from ten miles away. Source: European History 1648 to 1789, R. M. Rayner.

Currently Reading: Sea of Glory, Nathaniel Philbrick.


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