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I suppose it isn't quite too late to make a decent round of March Madness predictions, what with Madness having another six and one-third years to run before the Grand Neurostability Field penetrates the inner Oort cloud and reshapes the Earth in such dramatic yet peaceable fashion. Also March has two or three days left to run depending on just how you want to count things like ``two'' or ``day''. The competitions so far have seen a whole lot of upsets, particularly with teams finding out what the others have been saying about them online, and everyone's in a pretty foul mood, which should make for an exciting Sweet Sixteen round of competition provided the players can refrain from slugging one another.

The most interesting development, I think, is going to be in the East, where I'm expecting Georgetown --- previously eliminated in a contest that made my uncle who went there holler loud enough to be heard in an adjacent state (he lives in Rhode Island, so it wasn't that loud) --- to sneak back into the tournament. This they'll do by luring Miami of Florida's actual players out to the old amusement park on Whelk Lake, and then leaving them stuck in the line for the Dodgem Cars, by the expedient of turning on all the lights and having their Assistant Ball Rounder pose as the ride operator and insist they just have to do one or two more test runs before it's safe to ride. While that'll go well, unfortunately Georgetown will lose to Marquette (in fact, the Georgetown players who wanted to go to a movie instead, only to find the didn't know what was playing and were horrified by the selection) after their Assistant Ball is found to be insufficiently round for tournament play. Connecticut and Massachusetts should know that's what they're going to be hearing.

And do please follow me to the humor blog, where I finish off my predictions, and maybe the idea of predictions at all, in the end. There are also other bits from the daily entries, such as how the band getting back together went, or some ruminations on the comic strip The Heart Of Juliet Jones and the nature of story structures in which you just can't believe what's going on. And there's my experiences, real and imaginary, with Kurt Cobain.

Trivia: In 1631 an antiquarian named John Weever published a book which catalogued every one of Britain's thousands of funeral monuments. Source: The Riddle And The Knight: In Search Of Sir John Mandeville, Giles Milton. (According to the bibliography, Weever's book covers ``the United Monarchie of Great Britaine, Ireland, and the Ilands adiacent''.)

Currently Reading: A History Of Venice, John Julius Norwich.

PS: From The Venetian Quarter, since my book turned up something interesting about the way numbers used to be represented.

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