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He's got jelly beans for Tommy

Easter activities: well, the first came a week-plus before Easter as bunny_hugger and I went the short distance away to get to Fabiano's chocolates. This was to buy chocolates that we could eat, of course, and to give to her parents for Easter, but also to get a box that I could send my parents. I got them a half-pound box of mixed assortments that my mother reports was eaten ``ninety percent'' by my father. I would question this but she did quote him as saying of the chocolate evaporation, ``Hey, you snooze, you lose'', which has an authentic ring to it. She got at least the two cherry cordials so she's tolerably satisfied. (bunny_hugger's brother was also delighted by the selection of candies he got.)

For Easter itself, we packed up our pet rabbit --- who was not at all happy to be put in the travel case, even for the new experience of riding in the back of my car --- and went to bunny_hugger's parents, so as to spend the night. Their dogs were a trifle less nervous about my general existence this time than they've been before, but that didn't stop them from growling a while and barking some as they suddenly realized that I'd been there for hours, often petting one of them.

The evening also had an odd interruption as it was the season premiere for Doctor Who, which bunny_hugger's mother had wanted to try out sometime. This seemed like a pretty good jumping-on point --- new season and new companion usually is --- although I'm not sure how much of it quite made sense to her, particularly as we tried to explain the backstory of Supposedly Mysterious Clara. Still, we had pizza, and salads, and the dogs looking pleading for more. (They shouldn't have more.)

Also, her parents also agree, iTunes 11 is the worst.

Trivia: In 1761 the colonial post office made its first profit, £494. Source: The King's Best Highway: The Lost History Of The Boston Post Road, The Route That Made America, Eric Jaffe.

Currently Reading: Michigan History, March/April 2013 Editor Patricia Majher. One of the stories blows the lid off Lansing's origin myth as a land scam played on New Yorkers. It turns out the city was founded legitimately.


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