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Colored eggs for sister Sue

We did not wake up to go hunting Easter eggs, as much sense as that would seem to make for us. Actually, we hadn't colored eggs yet, though we did spend part of Saturday night making and decorating cookies (and, later, eating cookies). We didn't think we had the time Saturday night; there was enough else to do.

Part of Saturday was making decoupage eggs, actually. bunny_hugger had made a bunch a couple of years ago and there'd been some losses over the years, so she took out the kit --- with many, many, many stickers left --- and after blowing the inners out of a couple eggs we took to trying to fit the stickers across egg surfaces. This is tricky because of that problem where planes and spheroids have different curvatures; in retrospect, we should've cut little slots in the stickers so they could fit with less arbitrary crumpling. I was scared to press too hard on the stickers lest I break the egg.

I am not sure how long it's been since I did color eggs for Easter, but I have missed chances with my elder niece, so there's that. Also, at least in our household, we made eggs using a uniform, unmarked dye, where if we wanted to be really fancy we might have two or even conceivably three colors on an egg at once, maybe with some crayon used to leave an illegible scribble on the egg shell. bunny_hugger brings out not just stickers on the eggs afterward, but used this sort of tie-dye contraption where you dab some color on and spread it out (using plastic) to produce weird effects that range from ``psychedellic'' to ``Voyager 2 pictures of the outer planets''. We couldn't find any glitter for the eggs for this year, but glitter would not have helped make it any harder to start eating them.

After the eggs dried, and the dogs once again warned bunny_hugger's parents that I had been in the house for hours --- hours and hours --- and somehow nobody but the dogs was worried enough about this, we had dinner, a quiche which used in part the former innards of the decoupage eggs and which was so rich and delicious I'm still tasting it. It's been a fantastic year for really really good-tasting things and I'm not sad about that.

When we got home our pet rabbit hopped back into his hutch and announced he was never ever ever coming out again and you can't make me, so he's going to be a little put out later this week.

Trivia: The World's Peace Jubilee and International Music Festival, held in Boston in 1872, promised a chorus of twenty thousand trained voices, a grand orchestra of a thousand musicians, and a military band of another thousand performers. Source: Wondrous Contrivances: Technology at the Threshold, Meritt Ierley.

Currently Reading: India: A History, John Keay.


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