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Yuletide by the fireside

Quite a nice, happy Christmas, I'd say ... also a longer one; my brothers and their wives took much longer to arrive than we expected, to the point we considered calling them to ask if they had the right day. (There are other sets of in-laws who need to be seen, mind.) I was happy to give a cute pink Qoo lunchbox, a Phua Chu Kang Private Limited Video CD, a model North-East Line MRT, a Singapore Citizenship Kit (remember those?), and figurines of Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, the Kelloggs Corn Flakes rooster, Gary Gnu, and some unidentified butcher/baker guy in striped shirt we couldn't identify. I gave my mother a hand mixer, which she specifically asked for, so I am not giving thoughtless gifts.

If it doesn't sound like bragging I received quite a few DVD's -- I suspect people are looking for things that are lightweight and pack easily for me for some reason -- including the whole Star Trek run, and the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Box 6 set. The elder of my little brothers also gave me a set of ``Cult Classics'' like 1934's The Ghoul. From its dangerously alliterative cover: ``An eccentric elderly English Egyptologist believes he must be buried with a rare Egyptian scarab to avoid an ancient curse. After his death, thieves try to steal the treasure -- a classic, chilling tale of grave robbing and betrayal,'' Really, it's just a marvelous Christmas gift.

And more important we saw everybody gathered together for the first time in ... well, since the party two weeks ago, but the first time without any big productions getting in the way. We also got off a marvelous number of cracks at one another; e.g., when (somehow) I was asked, ``You know the most disturbing thing about Dave Coulier?'' I answered, ``I can't think of any limit of things it would disturb me to know about Dave Coulier.''

Trivia:Though forced to stay publicly anonymous, Sergei Korolev published several articles on rocketry for Pravda under the psuedonym ``Professor K. Sergeev.'' Source: Korolev, James Harford.

Currently Reading: Sea of Glory, Nathaniel Philbrick.


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