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Screen falling off the door

Furry Connection North is not actually held in our backyard but it's near enough. It'd be crazy for us not to attend, and bunny_hugger has attended every one of them so far, starting with the inaugural convention. It's almost near enough to make it worth debating whether to actually get a hotel room, or just drive home, but it'd be an hour-plus driving home at the end of the night and the same driving there, so, no; we need more sleep than that during a convention weekend.

We were thinking about where we'd eat, as we drove there, and wondered if there were a Red Robin somewhere nearby (since they'll make any of their burgers with one of two vegetarian patties) and we spotted one just before the exit for the hotel. Our hotel --- a Holiday Inn Express, neither the main nor the official overflow hotels --- wasn't ready for us to check in, so we went across the highway to the Sheraton and to the registration line. I managed not to understand the registration spot actually was the registration spot but followed bunny_hugger. There we learned that they somehow didn't have bunny_hugger listed as a Sponsor, which would deny her the con suite. She upgraded but was really sure she'd pre-registered as a Sponsor to start with. Another mystery of the ages: they gave a T-shirt away to everybody, but an official con slinky only to Sponsors; doesn't that seem the wrong way around?

After spending literally a couple minutes going through the registration line, and upgrading bunny_hugger to sponsor, we had some free time before any events we were that interested in. So we went to lunch: we found a Red Robin on the satellite navigator, a different one from the Red Robin we saw on the way in. Apparently the Red Robin chain is thriving in Novi, Michigan. The radio, as we entered, was playing Walk The Moon's ``Anna Sun'', a song that's not only exciting and cheering to hear to start with --- and something that we don't recall hearing in the wild, as opposed to on the iPod or at a concert, before --- but so intertwined with our joyful summer of last ear that we had to see it as a good omen for the weekend.

Trivia: Immediately after Apollo 13's safe splashdown President Richard Nixon phond Marilyn Lovell, inviting her to accompany him to Hawaii to meet the astronauts. Source: Lost Moon: The Perilous Voyage Of Apollo 13, Jim Lovell, Jeffrey Kluger.

Currently Reading: Opus 100, Isaac Asimov.


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