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My feet are still sore

Furry Connection North has a con suite, and a pretty well-stocked one, although it's only available to sponsors. Since it doesn't cost much to get a sponsorship rather than a regular attendance, probably just about everyone goes that route, and despite the initial glitch with bunny_hugger's registration we did too. But we didn't actually get very much food from the con suite: there wasn't much that was vegetarian-friendly (some salads, mind, and some trays of cheese slices), and we tend to eat at weird hours, so we saw a lot of leftover hot dog rolls and nine-tenths emptied jars of peanut butter.

What they did have, though, was beer. It's a con that's rather alcohol-friendly, with home-brewed stuff available just about any time the con suite was open, and an endless, almost crushing, load of jokes about Uncle Kage and his drinking. I tried out a couple of the beers over the weekend even though they all kind of register in that vast grey area of ``this meets the specifications for a beer, an alcoholic beverage you know of but rarely consume'' to me. They seemed fine, although bunny_hugger's attemptes to put them in context --- comparing what one (Dragon's Milk? Well, something) tasted like to whisky --- were defeated by my not really knowing what whisky tastes like either. There was also some home-brewed root beer which I understood better.

Our first night we ended up, between the rather late lunch at Red Robin, and snacking at the con suite, skipping dinner altogether. We trusted if we were really hungry we could eat at the coney island by our hotel (a mistake: we learned on Sunday that it closes at something like 9 pm) or get a snack at the gas station convenience store in-between our hotel and the coney island (probably true, though we didn't after all), and were satisfied with salty snacks and some ice cream sandwiches.

After this dinner we got to the dance, which was the sort of rave-type heavy beat we're used to for cons. Probably it was about an hour we spent there, as bunny_hugger actually danced and I moved around in a herky, irregular move, like I was doing really badly at WiiFit step aerobics. Mercifully, I don't get too embarrassed about this sort of thing, and bunny_hugger has such a good time when she's dancing that she doesn't mind me much. The only --- and slight --- disappointment was that they didn't have ultraviolet lights going, or at least not going strong enough, so that the plexiglass tags bunny_hugger wore were not dazzlingly bright against the dark room. But who'd complain about that?

Trivia: The Dutch settler Adriaen Pauw, namesake for Pavonia (in Jersey City), was a Calvinist and so dressed in greys, whites, and blacks. His name meant ``peacock''. Source: The Island At The Centre Of The World, Russell Shorto.

Currently Reading: The Bicentennial History of Ingham County, Michigan, Ford Stevens Ceasar. I'm trying not to lose my faith in the book given that (a) he spelled his name ``Ceasar'' (it's even that way in his autograph --- it's a library book --- on the title page) and (b) Ingham County was established in 1829 and organized in 1838. (Yeah, yeah, they meant Bicentennial of the United States.)


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