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My back is on the fringes

We had breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express's little breakfast nook, which combined being really nearby and free (or, at least, covered in our room costs). This offered a typical set of better-than-continental-breakfast meal options: industrial-grade cheese omelettes (which I'm a sucker for), bagels, rolls, that sort of thing. Fascinating me beyond reason was this gadget that just spat out near-identical slightly wobbly pancakes, particularly when it got going and just kept spitting out pancakes that nobody had requested. The mad pancake-making machine of Novi, Michigan, just kept going until someone on staff finally turned it off.

Over bunny_hugger's shoulder cable news was --- in those pre-Boston-Marathon-incident days --- proving its worthlessness by having a discussion about banning the taking of video on industrial farms. After all, the horrific nightmarish circumstances in which industrially farmed animals are kept just make the public feel terrible when they see it, and if we could just stop having it pointed out to us then we wouldn't need to start keeping animals outside industrial hellscapes. So the day kind of got started on an eye-rolling experience.

The con hotel was across the street, which was a busy highway, which is why we weren't crazy enough to walk it. Many con-goers were, but given the layout of the road, particularly that there's this hill and curve meaning drivers get very little time to react if they come at you from the right angle, we were worried they'd get run over. We didn't hear of any, but this is why we took the car for one-minute drives from hotel to hotel. The place needs a pedestrian overpass (or underpass).

Something bunny_hugger does faithfully every con is get a fresh sketch of the two of us. She's got a lovely book with different artists doing wonderful jobs at drawing rabbits and interesting jobs at trying to draw coatis, a species some of them have even heard of and none of them have drawn before. The resulting sketchbook is a varied thing with many different styles, and different ideas about our characters' relative sizes, and quite a few drawings of coatis with extremely fluffy tails. (Furries love drawing big poofy tails on things. If guinea pigs ever become the big furry craze they'll end up with puffy tails twice their body size too.) After exploring the Artists Alley bunny_hugger found this con's artist and we got a wonderfully satisfying picture of us together from it.

She also commissioned a badge from a person with a really great gimmick, one exactly designed to get bunny_hugger's custom: this one draws your character as driving an amusement park bumper car. We don't have that badge just yet, as the artist colors these and then adds a coating of glitter so as to look like a real park ride (and she'd forgot her glitter), but we're both savoring the eventual look of this. The only way it could be better is if it were her sitting in a roller coaster car, and that might not be so very different a look anyway.

Trivia: The Aztec salt diety Vixtociatl was, according to the description of 16th century Spanish friar Bernardino de Sahagun, one with ears of gold, yellow clothes, an iridescent green plumage, and a fishnet skirt; she carried a shield trimmed with the feathers of eagle, parrot, and quetzal, and beat time with a cane topped by paper flowers filled with incense. Source: Salt: A World History, Mark Kurlansky.

Currently Reading: The Bicentennial History of Ingham County, Michigan, Ford Stevens Ceasar. It's a relentlessly anecdotal book, to the point that three paragraphs about Lansing's first newspaper make no sense if you read more than one of them, but each of the anecdotes is interesting.


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