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So Take It From The Chopper

The trouble started when my dentist suggested a more convenient way to get my teeth cleaned. Convenience is pretty much the source of every trouble, if you take a generous enough view of ``the source''. Here the proximate cause was that getting my teeth cleaned is a thing to do, while the modern efficient society requires that we be doing at least four or twelve things at once, and my willingness to just hang about and be there left him unnerved. What other things could I be doing that I wasn't? I suggested I could also stare intently at the bird feeder which has been occupied by a squirrel for six years straight and which is bending over under the accumulated mass of squirrel, but he didn't think that enough.

What he suggested was that I could have him pop my mouth out, leave it there for him to clean efficiently, and I could go off to the mall or to a movie or to poke onto the Internet where I could find a thing and make fun of it digitally. I was skeptical, but he pointed out that it's much easier to clean the back teeth if there aren't all that front cheek in the way and if he doesn't have to go around my mouth, and I figured I wasn't expecting to say much of anything that day anyway, so I agreed. Of course, I used a series of head-bobbings to indicate approval, lest he think I wasn't taking him seriously.

Please do follow things over to my humor blog for the conclusion of this. And there are some other things --- I've managed to keep a daily post going, whether thoughts about a pun, if it is a pun, or my difficulties with fashion, or with the persistent odd phone calls, they're at least brief bits so won't overwhelm your busy schedule.

Trivia: In spring of 1893 an Olds steam-powered car was sold for $400 and shipped from Lansing to the Bombay branch of the Francis Times Company of London, England. There are contradictory reports about whether it arrived and, if it arrived, what kind of service it game. Source: R E Olds: Auto Industry Pioneer, George S May.

Currently Reading: The King Of Infinite Space: Euclid And His Elements, David Berlinski.

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