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Your hand on my cheeks, your shoulder in my mouth

[ Sorry to be late; we were bowling in Grand Rapids. I'll explain later. At least I think it was Grand Rapids. Certainly in that vicinity. ]

Some of our crowd-working before the Dead Dog Party was plain, but for some of it, bunny_hugger put on her fursuit head and tail and walked around in character. This encourages some kinds of interaction, such as people telling her she should wear a University of Michigan shirt rather than Michigan State because people get excited about being rivals there. It also meant that several kids came to her and hoped to be hugged or to have photographs taken, and she was glad to oblige. I have to imagine pretty near the best possible vacation a kid could have would be one where there's unexpectedly a furry con in the same hotel, since it would be all the fun of staying in a hotel (everyone does think staying in a hotel is inherently a fun day of vacation when they're a kid, right?) plus there's mascotted figures wandering around to pose with. We made a couple circuits of the hotel area, including some spots outside which we had previously missed, before it was time for the Dead Dog Dance to start.

And we were, it happened, the first couple on the dance floor. We might have been the ones who accidentally nudged the DJs and sound people from testing equipment into turning down the lights and putting the regular music on. We've opened --- and closed --- quite a few things but the dance was a new one for us. I was relieved when some other people wandered in to join us on the floor, but they left soon after, and this happened a couple of times. Finally we left, although I think another couple people were keeping the feeble party started, so bunny_hugger could get out of costume and we could walk around the hotel another time.

After some time looking and even occasionally finding people we knew --- very few people bunny_hugger knew were there, and even fewer that I did --- we returned to the dance and I put on more of my characteristic moves that bunny_hugger pretended to not be too embarrassed by. And she was able to dance without the obstructed view of the fursuit head.

We made a last circuit of the hotel, including the con suite again, where one of bunny_hugger's friends from the Michigan furry community gave me an overjoyed, rib-crushing hug that lifted me off the ground, and also warned that if I hurt bunny_hugger he'd hurt me. Possibly by hugging me, since my ribs are still sore, two weeks later.

While it hurts to leave when there's still things going on, we did bow out before the dance was over, since it was an hour and change to get back home and we wanted to get home before we'd fall asleep.

Trivia: Boguslav the Mighty, who founded the coinage of Poland, copied the English design compeltely enough that the coins still held the names of England King Aethelred I, as well the name of a London minter. Source: History of Money, Glyn Davies. (Also, ``Boguslav the Mighty''. That is a great name, even if it sounds close to parody.)

Currently Reading: Treadmill To Oblivion, Fred Allen. It's basically a radio-career memoir of what went into the makings of his various shows, from his perspective, with quite a few (delightful) script excerpts, including what the interview was supposed to be with the eagle-keeper whose pet got away from him. (The resulting uproar has the reputation of being the longest laugh ever delivered at 30 Rockefeller Plaza; Allen quips that it may still be reverberating in some dark corner of the studio today-as-of-the-writing.)


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