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Though Our Friendship Ceases From Now On

``How can you say you're glad Carol doesn't hang out with us anymore?'' said an Ira as incredulous as any such Ira will get before setting down his coffee on yet another quirkily off-shaped coffee shop table.

``Well, I can't think of one time I was glad to have seen her.''

Erica said, ``Oh, now, you're being pretty harsh on her. I know you and she had your little differences of opinion, but every friendship has a couple of scratchy points.''

``We were never friends. I put up with her because you all found something appealing that nobody ever let me in on.''

I hope you'll continue with the rest of this little frivolity on my humor blog, where besides the remaining couple hundred words of this are an announcement of a meaningless award, as well as some things I picked up from Fred Allen and which made me think, in addition to some selections from the Spring Catalog which you might have missed, as well as the happy resolution to my mouth issues of last week's comic piece.

Trivia: Among the ways that Bill Gates, Paul Allen (and Monte Davidoff's) BASIC for the Altair differed from its Dartmouth predecessors were that their programming language allowed multiple statements on one line, made optional ``LET'' and ``END'' statements, and recommending that programmers ``delete all REM [ remark ] statements'' and ``all unnecessary spaces'' from their programs. Source: A History Of Modern Computing, Paul E Ceruzzi.

Currently Reading: The Port of New York, Carl W Condit.

PS: Reading the Comics, April 28, 2013, my occasional update on mathematics-themed comic strips, nearly all of them from because it's much easier to work with them.

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