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So on to con reports. We went to Morphicon this year, as bunny_hugger always does and as I realize I've only done once before although I would have sworn it was at least twice. I can't argue with my memory of participating in only one cake decorating contest before, though, unless I actually look back at old Livejournal entries and check. bunny_hugger's parents happily took our pet rabbit for the week, and our pet rabbit went yowling and protesting all the while that he didn't do anything to deserve being put in the pet carrier, so, that was resolved. (We can't leave our pet rabbit unattended for a couple days because he orders too many pay-per-view movies.)

bunny_hugger's been practicing the guitar more lately, which is a delight to listen to, whether she's enjoying playing music or whether she's scowling at chords and web sites that purport to have the chords for various songs. She also interweaves some attempts to get me minimally literate in music theory (I played violin, as a kid, with a real talent for mediocrity, but we never learned theories of it besides ``the bow cannot be used as a sword''). And she'd had thoughts of playing in the amateur variety show, but decided against it at the last minute, which I didn't adequately register, and I put the guitar in the car anyway.

While driving the long, long way south to Columbus we had a couple happy odd discoveries. One was a car with Nova Scotia licence plates that passed us just as we were leaving Lansing; we crossed paths with it again about two hours later. I don't know how we lost contact in-between.

Another was a neat surprise at an Ohio rest area. We walked around a while and stretched and bunny_hugger noted the many flowers including one kind that she liked (spring glories?) but hasn't been able to get sustained home; she talked of digging some up for transplant, but they'd die by the time we got them home Monday.

The best, though, was in the sky, where bunny_hugger noticed a cloud with rainbow colors to it --- a neat little horizontal striping from red down to violet. As the car drove and the clouds move which clouds were rainbowed changed, but it was there. Neither of us could remember seeing anything like this. bunny_hugger learned this is called a ``fire rainbow'', which Wikipedia helpfully notes is a misnomer because it does not reflect a rainbow being set on fire, and it's produced by ice particles in the sky, and is visible only in a period (dependent on latitude) around the summer solstice. We tried taking as many pictures as we could while the wonder lasted. This is definitely the way to start a weekend.

Trivia: For the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, Birmingham Corporation offered local children a choice betwen a Bible, Richard Dimbleby's Elizabeth Our Queen, a spoon and fork, two commemorative maps, a tin of chocolate, propelling pencils, a pen knife, or a dish with a portrait of the queen. Source: The Invention Of Tradition, Editors Eric Hobsbawm, Terence Ranger.

Currently Reading: Gender And Boyle's Law of Gases, Elizabeth Potter. This was a book I kept looking at but not quite picking up from the National University of Singapore Science Library, so I feel like there's a nice handshake of continuity for it to be among the first books I read from the Michigan State University library.


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