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No matter what your occupation is, everybody's in showbiz

No small part of Morphicon (or any furry thing) is its performances; everyone's performing, to some extent. The first part we really got in on was the cake decorating contest, which this year got a full twelve people to decorate cakes nominally around the con's theme, ``Furries Around The World''. The decorating was held in the con suite, which was itself festooned with plastic flags and cups of flag pins, so it would be a great spot to come back to all weekend.

bunny_hugger took an international theme for her cake --- as most entries did --- and drew a roller coaster at Blackpool, something she was able to explain for the judging segment lest it prove too confusing. I took a more literal interpretation of the con theme and tried drawing a fox holding the whole world. If I'd got to the red icing sooner I might have done a better job, but that's a pretty wildly speculative thing there. Another person drew a map of the Netherlands, and used a cut-up plate and toothpicks to label major cities, including Utrecht when he heard that we'd been there for our honeymoon. One person (who came in second, I think) drew a kitsune; another (third place, I believe) a kimono print pattern featuring a koi. The winning entry was someone who drew a kitten that looked like Hitler, which I think failed to satisfy the theme and belongs more to ``Internet things I thought we'd exhausted already''.

bunny_hugger got into fursuit, after, to walk around and get ready for the masquerade. We discovered at the hotel restaurant that they had a bar, now, and a couple of women called us over to take photos and remark about how wonderful and strange all this stuff going on at their hotel was. Also wonderful and strange is that they recognized what coatis were: one of them had been on vacation in Costa Rica a few weeks earlier and even had photographs of one on her phone. Now, I still clearly remember the days when people who'd known me for years would suddenly say, ``I just saw coatis on a nature documentary! I didn't know you didn't make the species up!''; it's still unsettling that the furry community recognizes them by name now. If the average member of the public has any idea what coatis are ... well, I just feel like the species is getting gentrified, that's all. I don't want to move on but I don't want to be flooded out by yuppies or bankers or whatnot.

Trivia: The proviso to baseball's anti-spitball rule prohibiting the pitcher from putting his pitching hand in contact with his mouth or lips was not added until 1968. Source: The Rules of Baseball: An Anecdotal Look at the Rules of Baseball and How They Came To Be, David Nemec.

Currently Reading: Scholars, Students, and Parents: An Exploration of the Ideas behind the New Math and other Curriculum Reform, Stephen White. That's right, I'm reading some mid-60s New Math propaganda. All the more awesomely, Michigan State University's library still does actual return date stamps in its books, so I can see this book was taken at out least nine times previously, going back to a due date of May 12, 1966.


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